Cameron McCall

Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Cameron McCall brings over 20 years of expertise in capital markets, investment banking, and stockbroking.  Over the course of his career, he has played a key role in handling transactions involving billions of dollars in capital raising, navigating equities markets, and initial public offerings (IPO’s).  His wealth of experience has fostered robust connections with high net worth individuals as well as prominent private and public entities.

Since 2015, Mr McCall has served as a director of Macarthur Minerals and assumed the role of Chairman in 2017, contributing to the strategic direction and growth of the company.  Additionally, he has been a director of Infinity Mining since 2018, leading up to its successful IPO in 2021, and continues to service in his capacity, further solidifying his commitment to shaping the future of the company.

Ryan Welker

Independent Director

Ryan is Chairman and Co-founder Vitrinite, a tightly held, private, premium-hard coking coal producer in Queensland’s Bowen Basin. Mr Welker brings a vast range of skills and experience to the board of Macarthur. He has worked for and supported mining and exploration companies all over the world in nearly every stage of the development and production cycle. His direct industry experience gives him a blend of capabilities where he understands the needs of mining companies of all sizes, but particularly publicly listed junior mining companies.

His previous and current positions include management, corporate development, and finance. Prior to moving back to Australia in 2019, Mr Welker worked for EAS Advisors in New York, where he advised and raised more than $2bn for dozens of ASX, LSE, TSX and AIM listed companies. Prior to EAS, he held positions at Rio Tinto, Hancock Prospecting, Standard Bank and served as a Non- Executive Director of Mineral Resources Limited.

Alan Phillips

Non-Executive Director

Alan Phillips has been a senior executive, director and chairman of ASX, TSX-V, TSX and AIM listed companies over a period of 40 years. Mr Phillips has experience in a broad range of industries, but predominantly in the mining and exploration of copper, gold, ethanol and iron ore and technology sectors.

Andrew Suckling

Independent Director

Andrew has over 25 years experience in the commodity industry.  He began in 1994 as a trader on the LME for Metallgesellschaft (MG).  In that role, Andrew established a trading presence in China for MG, setting up a representative office in Shanghai in 1997.  He then became a partner, research analyst and trader with the multi-billion dollar fund, Ospraie Management, LLC and predecessor fund, Tudor Investment Corporation.

He is the Executive Chairman at Cadence Minerals, an early investment strategy and development firm active in lithium and other technology minerals, as well as the founding principal and portfolio manager for Verulam, a discretionary commodity fund.

Andrew is a graduate of Brasenose College, Oxford University earning a BA (Hons) in Modern History in 1993 and an MA in Modern History in 2000.